Product Sourcing & Simple quality inspection

Why TakeSend?

Whatever products you need, we can source and deliver them to you, and help you achieve your sourcing goals: Cost saving, Higher quality, and Faster delivery.

Our Shipping Service

When everything is ready, you may chosse variety of our logistics services, we can help you ship your goods to more than 100 countries.

Customs & Taxes

For example, in 2016 USA increased the minimum threshold for customs duties from $200 to $800, which means most goods valued below $800 are not subject to duties or taxes.

If the package has duties applied, it is your customer who is responsible for paying customs duties (or import taxes) on the items shipped from China across the US border. Make sure you add such information on your store so that your customers are aware that the items they ordered may come from abroad so they should expect to pay customs duties. The point of being upfront is to protect you from complaints or refund requests because of customs costs.

Prohibited and Restricted Items

There are items that are prohibited or restricted by law to enter the us, uk or other countries. You need to avoid or pay attention to these items when deciding on your dropshipping products if you want your customers to receive their packages with no problems.

For specific details, please check the customs import documents of the country.