Which country we can do dropshipping business?

-Say goodbye to the messy warehouse life

Which country we can do dropshipping business?-Say goodbye to the messy warehouse life.

Today let me tell you which country can do dropshipping business. These countries are United States, United Kingdom, French, Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, Brazil, Indian. Why? Because these countries are all economically developed countries, or e-commerce shopping is popular. If you choose the wrong market. You will be failed. 

Another question is shipping time and storage. Normally, if you have local stock, your customer will be received your products within 3 business days. But the cost is too expensive, you need to prepare a large amount of inventory. Just like this....

Actually, you have another method that can change the messy warehouse life. You may prepare the 30% stock in your china warehouse. And you may..... say goodbye to the messy warehouse life. We offer 90 days of free storage. Shipping time around 8-10 business days to most European countries and USA. Sometimes United kingdom customers only need 5-8 business days to receive products from china. The shipping fee and storage fee are cheaper than your local warehouse. You can earn more profit from your dropshipping business. Now your life is.....

Choose takesendship. Say goodbye to the messy warehouse life. Earn more profit. 

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