Which ecommerce platform can do dropshipping business?

Hello, Everyone, 

Today let me tell you which ecommerce platform can do dropshipping business? The third-party platform is amazon, eBay & Walmart. Maybe you will say shopee. No, shopee don’t have enough profit for your dropshipping business. Don’t waste your time on shop dropshipping. I think walmart is the best third-party platform. 

Why amazon is not the best?
1. Too many sellers and fierce competition
2. The seller's account is easily closed by amazon.
3. You need to prepare enough inventory. 
4. Amazon's advertising fees are very expensive.
5. When your product sells well, Amazon will sell it by itself. 

So the best way is to create a store online, just use shopify, woocommerce and wix. Shopify is the easiest way to create a store. Just try, it’s easy than amazon and other third-party platforms. When your store is complete. Just try google ads and Facebook ads. Or Establish social marketing and email marketing. Focus on your e-commerce business online. Other parts such as source product, storage, packing, and shipping service were handed to us. 

Please contact us if you do dropship business. Thank you for watching our video. Bye.