How to use TakeSendShip system?

Free keyword tools for youtube & e-commerce business-2021

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1.How to find hot selling products? 
If you are a seller of shopify, amazon, walmart, esty, ebay or other platforms, you can use soovle, keywordseverywhere and google trends, first use soovle to determine the range of keywords, and then look at the data and use keywordseverywhere data in Google search, if the data is confirmed is pretty good. Then use google trends to compare long-tail keywords in detail. Finally, find recommendations for products that are suitable for you to sell or hot-selling products.

2. How to find the correct platform to sell your products. 
If you don't know which e-commerce platform to sell on, such as shopify, woocommerce, Wix, amazon or ebay, you can directly choose keywords everywhere and google trends. Find their trends in the last one and five years. In order to determine which platform to sell on, or in which country to sell and advertise.

Please remember to use keywordseverywhere to determine the search volume for this term.

Use google trends to determine the country of sale. Then sell the products on the e-commerce platform of the correct country. Choosing the right product to sell on the right platform is the key point. 

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