Shopify-How to find the best products for dropshipping

Shopify-How to find the best products for dropshipping

Hello everyone, today I will show you how to find hot products by yourself. You don't need any software. All of them are free. You just need patience and time.  Okay, let's go.

1. Check the direct sales of the e-commerce website. For example, Amazon bestsellers & most wished for. In these areas, you will view the top sales products. 

Or search for any keywords on eBay and AliExpress, in best match condition, check the products sold by the top 25 sellers, you can also check the etsy sales rankings in the same way.

2. On social media, such as facebook, pinterest, ins. You can see how products are in Facebook ads. Generally, other shopify sellers will advertise their products on facebook. You can also search for any keywords of the products you want to sell on pinterest and ins, and then find related products.

3. Follow the launches of major brands and fashion products to find the latest fashion trends.

4. Check other shopify, woocommerce seller shops and see what other sellers are selling? Please see my previous video, which products are being sold by the top 100 sellers on shopify.

5. Find hot products in the local offline markets like walmart, costco, decathlon. These local shopping malls or special stores will display the seasonal products that people are in high demand for and are currently the most popular.

6. View the recommended products of the Dropshipping service provider. Such as Oberlo, CJ Dropshipping, Takesendship, spocket, salehoo, and so on.

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