Aliexpress dropshipping business pros and cons?-Shopify

Aliexpress dropshipping business pros and cons?-Shopify

Hello everyone, today we will talk about the pros and cons of AliExpress dropshipping.

First of all, the advantages of aliexpress
1. Full range of products.
2. Easy to find hot products.
3. The operation interface supports multiple languages.
4. Good software support. Including Google Chrome plug-in.

Okay now, let's talk about the cons.
1. You can't control the purchase price and the quality. 
2. The products you sell will be quickly found by sellers. Because everyone is selling the same product.
3. The packaging cannot be customized. The package may reveal the merchant’s information. Your customers will find that you are purchasing products from AliExpress. Customers will not buy from you again.
4. The shipping time is slow. Usually 15-25 days. Sometimes more than a month. It's really too slow. It is very likely that customers will complain about the delivery time in your Paypal account. And paypal will suspend your business. 
5. The service cannot be guaranteed. When you find AliExpress customer service, they may not be able to give you a professional answer.
So, this is why you always have no orders. Of course, maybe your shopify store is not beautiful and professional enough, so I also suggest you buy a professional theme in shopify app store.

So what can takesendship help you do?
1. Professional procurement quality inspection, save the cost for you because we are the Chinese supplier of AliExpress sellers.
2. Customized your products and packaging
3. Fast shipping service. It only takes 5-10 days to reach the United States and European countries.
4. Professional service 6 days a week. You will have a professional account manager to serve you. You can contact us through email or whatsapp.

Maybe you will say, what else do I need to do? To make my online business better?
You need to do well facebook, google, tiktok ads.
Spend a few hours a day to manage online products and orders.
Spend more time to find good products that sell well. Of course, you can also watch recommended hot products in our takesendship system or our youtube channel.

So I believe that takesendship will help you find more good products or customized products and reduce the costs. Safe and efficient logistics services. Doing the above content will help you quickly increase sales and obtain more profits.

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