Can Dropshipping be a full-time job? -Make you rich?

Can Dropshipping be a full-time job? -Make you rich?

Dropshipping is a great business because you can start with your home or anywhere, a small investment. Our video will show you how to do with dropshipping business from starting 2021.

Good tips for the beginner:
1. The winning products.
2. Have a shopify or woocommerce store. 
3. Good sourcing agent
4. Do some ads on facebook, google, tiktok or instagram.
5. Provide good customer service. 

We provide the below service. please contact us if you do dropship service. 

1. Sourcing product free and there is no limit to the amount. 
2. Free storage for 90 days 
3. Free packing service for the 20 packages within 30 days. 
4. 1 to 1 VIP service free 
5. Simple quality inspection free 
6. Ship within 24 business hours, except weekends and public holiday in china   
7. Packing envelopes are free 
8. Packing service from $0.99 per order 

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