What's IOSS?-How to ship the parcel with IOSS?-EU VAT-Ecommerce

What's IOSS?-How to ship the parcel with IOSS?-EU VAT

Import One-Stop-Shop, it means IOSS. If you a e-commerce seller please watch my video. 

From 2021 July 1st, Eu will change the vat rules. There is no more VAT free for any parcel value below EUR22. 

2.Application scope of IOSS?
IOSS services for NON-EU online sellers. ( shopify, amazon, ebay, aliexpress, wish...... )
IOSS does not cover the B2C shipments with a value above EUR150
In these cases, the platforms are not responsible for collecting and paying the VAT

3. Why register for an IOSS number?
You can clear all your EU parcels which per parcel below EUR 150 centralized
Instead of each EU destination individually.
To avoid delaying when customs clearance and extra logistics cost
Simplify the purchasing process, the buyer pays the VAT when shopping online
who does not need to pay any local fees when receiving the goods

4.How to ship the parcel with IOSS?How to register if you don't have one?
If you sell on Amazon, ebay, Aliexpress, who will provide the IOSS to your platform account.
You just provide it to your reliable shipping service provider.
who have the IOSS ability of customs clearance?
we'd like to help to register the IOSS for you.

5. What should you do if you worry about the disclosure of IOSS information?
We can provide the customs system of our EU shipping channel's link to you
You just to submit your IOSS in the system to get the key. 
When you ship the parcels with us, just give the reference number of the key
Make ensure that your IOSS information will not be disclosed.

6.Can a seller register multiple IOSS? One IOSS can be shared by different sellers?
A seller can not register multiple IOSS, One IOSS must be according to one online shop
can not be shared by different sellers.

7.If the parcel more than 150EUR of the Non-EU seller, in this case, IOSS is not cover, how to do it?
Provide your VAT number of the destination. When the parcels cleared in EU like AMS,
the VAT will be deferred to the destination. If you can not provide the VAT number,
which would happen again when delivery in destination,
Double VAT makes the high cost.

8.IOSS does not service for EU-sellers, how can the EU-sellers do?
Provide the VAT number of the destination. Just like point 7.
The tax reform with the IOSS ensure that the VAT is paid when the B2C trading happens, 
Creating a fair competition market for the e-commerce of EU and non-EU. 
Simplify the customs clearance process and speed up the parcel delivery time. 
Enhance the online shopping experience better. 

Hope this video can help you to understand more of this topic. 

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