Frequently Asked Questions

Dropshipping Beginner

How to sell my product more and more?
As a beginner, I don't know what to sell in the beginning?
What services do you provide?
Can you design a special brand logo for me?

Our Service

How to connect my online store to TakeSendShip system?
May I upload my own product to your system? Can I upload aliexpress item to your system directly?
Can you provide the video or picture for sourcing the product?
Is there any fee for the services you provided, and how are they charged?
Can a customized card be placed in my package order?

Sourcing & Quality Control

Is it possible to find a manufacturer according to my requirements?
How to control the quality of sourcing products?
How to check the quantity and packaging quality of the remaining goods in the warehouse, how soon will my goods be shipped, and how can my customers check the logistics status? How to calculate storage and freight?

Storage & Shipping

Do you have your own warehouse?
Is your warehouse free for stocking?
Can I check the tracking numbers?
Which countries you can provide transportation services?

Customer Service

If I am not satisfied with the sourcing product service you provide, what can I do?
My customer received the wrong item, what can I do?
How can I contact you if I want to establish long and depth cooperation with you? Can we talk face to face?