Does cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse warehousing have international dedicated logistics transportation?

The international logistics line has always been one of the most used logistics channels in cross-border logistics. Its fast transportation and relatively low cost are the main reasons for its popularity. The general cross-border logistics line is to collect small batches of parcels, sort and transport the parcels with the same destination to the destination country by air transport, and then pass the logistics company or post office that cooperates with the destination country to the destination country. Carry out delivery service to the destination country.

The rise of cross-border cloud warehouse warehousing has made many cross-border e-commerce sellers experience. It turns out that cross-border e-commerce companies can store goods and process orders in cloud warehouses without having to build their own warehouses. However, many sellers are more concerned about whether the selection of cross-border logistics channels at the end of cross-border cloud warehouse storage is suitable for them. The following is the introduction of cloud warehouse warehousing logistics channels provided by TakeSendShip, so that you can understand what logistics channels are at the end of cloud warehouse services?

For cross-border e-commerce sellers, finding a suitable logistics channel is very important. For the logistics channel that has been used and has a good impression, the seller will not easily replace it, because if the replaced channel is not well understood, it may not be accurate in terms of timeliness, safety, and possible problems. Estimated, thus affecting the timeliness commitment made when the order is generated.

TakeSendShip fully understands the importance of cooperative cross-border e-commerce sellers for using reliable logistics channels, and further checks and strengthens the scope of logistics options at the end of TakeSendShip warehousing services. When using TakeSendShip to optimize logistics channels, it will give priority to cooperative cross-border The seller's own suggestion channel, so as to achieve more reassurance and recognition for the use of TakeSendShip.

The international lines that TakeSendShip currently provides are: China-US line, U.S. line, Canada line, Europe line, UK line, Germany line, Poland line, Spain line, Italy line, Brazil line, Australia line, Japan line, Japan Sagawa package , Japan Sagawa Line, Russia Line and other international aviation logistics lines. Fully meet the free choice of cooperative cross-border e-commerce sellers.

In addition, TakeSendShip has also optimized certain special cargo transportation channels. For example, TakeSendShip has launched a pure electric small package line for battery goods. A special line is launched for liquid goods such as beauty, perfume, and nail polish, and a special line for bubble goods regardless of volume is launched for large-volume goods such as paintings, handicrafts, and customized products.

TakeSendShip warehousing and optimization of logistics, and intelligent optimization of its own more than ten years of international logistics experience. To meet the requirements of various categories of goods on timeliness, cost, and safety, we recommend the most suitable international logistics channels for use.