One-stop cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse warehousing service

As a cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse storage service provider, TakeSendShip has always had a good reputation in the industry. Many cross-border e-commerce sellers who have cooperated with each other have given good feedback on TakeSendShip's services. Now TakeSendShip gives strong support to cross-border e-commerce sellers in Zhuhai. Consult TakeSendShip's service now to get 60-day free cloud warehouse storage service during the cooperation period.

The emergence of TakeSendShip has greatly improved the weakness of cross-border e-commerce sellers in warehouse management and storage of goods. Cloud warehouse is an efficient warehouse storage type that integrates online and offline operations at the same time. Simply put, cross-border e-commerce sellers no longer have to worry about warehouse management and costs. Sending goods has also become more accurate and efficient.

The fast processing of goods by TakeSendShip allows the cooperative cross-border e-commerce sellers to save more time. Usually, all orders can be processed within 2-24 hours of receiving the order instruction. At the same time, new problems will emerge. If the seller does not If the goods are not stored in the cloud warehouse, each time an order is generated, it needs to be purchased and shipped to the cooperative cloud warehouse, which will greatly slow down the completion and delivery time of the cloud warehouse order. Especially when the order volume is large or during the holiday promotion period, it takes a certain amount of time for TakeSendShip to enter the warehouse, and there may be queues in special circumstances.

How many options are there for TakeSendShip warehousing service?

Plan A:

Cloud warehouse cargo storage delivery designated logistics service provider plan:

This solution fundamentally solves the management difficulty and high cost of cross-border e-commerce sellers' self-built warehouses. At the same time, it satisfies the logistics channel selection promised by its online sales platform to buyers. At present, it is the choice of relatively mature cross-border sellers or enterprises.

Plan B:

Cloud warehouse cargo storage delivery TakeSendShip recommends the preferred logistics solution:

On the basis of Plan A, this plan provides the best logistics options for cross-border e-commerce sellers according to the category characteristics of the goods to a large extent. The cost and transportation timeliness are predicted based on TakeSendShip's more than 10 years of logistics experience. It is the current cooperation One of the most popular options for cross-border e-commerce sellers or businesses.

Plan C:

Cloud warehouse cargo storage delivery TakeSendShip optimal logistics value-added services all-round solution

On the basis of the A B plan, we provide a more comprehensive and flexible value-added service plan:

Value-added services include but are not limited to: designing custom product logos, customizing special product packaging boxes, checking and quality inspection of goods arriving into the warehouse, classifying goods and posting SKU barcode labels according to cloud instructions, returning defective products, Precise calculation to optimize logistics, independent storage space and other services. The service types of this solution are still being continuously updated, and it is the ultimate service solution for cross-border cloud warehouses.