What services does TakeSendShip cloud warehouse warehousing provide

Regarding the services that cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse warehousing can provide, many cross-border e-commerce friends will know that the necessary services are nothing more than: cargo storage, WMS warehousing order management software services, order sorting and packaging services, cargo delivery services, as well as some personalized value-added services.

These services are more professional cross-border cloud warehouse warehousing service providers can provide, but not every service provider will provide. Next, let's learn about TakeSendShip cross-border cloud warehouse warehousing experience sharing. TakeSendShip can provide professional services as follows:

1: Simple detection of products and put them on the shelves.

E-commerce companies and sellers can ship the purchased products directly to the partner cloud warehouse without having to deal with them themselves. After the cooperative cloud warehouse receives the goods, the staff will simply check the goods in the warehouse according to the requirements of the e-commerce company and the seller, and register and verify the category and quantity of the goods, mark them, and import this information into the WMS system. middle. For e-commerce companies and sellers in need, TakeSendShip will also post the corresponding SKU barcode of the goods, and put the goods on the shelves according to the category of the goods.

2: Order sorting after order generation.

E-commerce companies and sellers can freely manage and send order instructions through the wms system when an order is generated and needs to be sent.

After receiving the instructions, TakeSendShip will sort and pack the products in the warehouse according to the instructions, and will check the quantity of the goods after sorting, repack them and post address labels if there are no errors.

According to the selection of logistics standards of e-commerce enterprises and sellers, cloud warehouse enterprises will deliver goods safely and on time and through logistics channels.

3: Detailed management of warehousing.

TakeSendShip warehouse enterprises will send orders for products on the shelves every day. Therefore, efficient warehouse management optimization is the daily routine of every cloud warehouse enterprise. The increasingly perfect and reasonable planning will greatly improve the work efficiency of cloud warehouses.

The daily maintenance of storage, certain fire and moisture prevention work and maintenance will minimize the loss of goods to a certain extent. Reduce unnecessary losses for e-commerce companies and sellers.

Regular inventory is the management focus of cloud warehouse. Timely inventory and review of the quantity of goods allow e-commerce companies and sellers to know the status of their cloud warehouse goods in a timely manner.

4: Value-added and after-sales service.

In addition to the above services, TakeSendShip also provides additional value-added services according to the needs of e-commerce companies and sellers, such as: customization of product packaging, printing and posting of SKU labels, detailed product quality inspection, and logo design, etc. .

5: Insurance Services

TakeSendShip has specially launched insurance services for cooperative cross-border e-commerce users. After purchasing insurance, the transportation order will be compensated if it is lost.