Can warehouse send special line to Spain?

Many cross-border e-commerce sellers prefer to use their own approved cross-border transport channels. With the development of cross-border e-commerce Warehousing, more and more people begin to use Warehousing to solve the storage, picking, packaging and delivery links for themselves. The natural logistics transport channel is also the cross-border transport logistics channel recommended by Warehousing. In line with the principle of giving priority to cross-border e-commerce sellers, TakeSendShip fully considers the needs of cooperative sellers, so it specially launches a special line for cross-border e-commerce sellers to choose freely. Take Spanish special line as an example:

Spain Special Line,TakeSendShip integrates high-quality air transportation resources, customs clearance companies and Spanish express companies, and the end of the commercial customs clearance by Spanish Post or DPD express delivery of high quality international logistics double clear line. Package from Holland customs clearance or direct flight to Madrid, customs clearance fast, one order to the end. Can send general goods, built-in, matching battery, cosmetics, kitchen knives and other goods.

At the same time, it can meet the logistics needs of cross-border personal transportation users, Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Ali International site, Shopify, independent site and other B2C cross-border e-commerce sellers, self-established site/independent site sellers and foreign trade sellers to deliver goods to Spain.

Aging fast

TakeSendShip delivery, immediately generated a tracking number, and in the day of delivery can be directly forecast ONLINE, an average of 4-12 days to complete the delivery.

All the information

The tracking number provided by TakeSendShip is both the final number and the only cargo tracking number. Truly achieved a single in the end, the whole track. Out of the official website of Spanish Post and TakeSendShip , you can also check at 17track.

The safe and stable

Through big data analysis, the registered rate of Spain special line is 99%, which can stables general goods, internal electricity/supporting electricity, cosmetics, kitchen knives and so on.

Hui guan

The most practical DDP mode is adopted for customs clearance, which is not only fast, but also super capable of customs clearance.

Spanish special line transportation process:

The first day

In the warehouse of TakeSendShip , complete the centralized packaging of goods, and generate tracking tracking number.

The second day

TakeSendShip DELIVER THE GOODS TO Hong Kong AIRLINES TO arrange flights for air transport through Hong Kong TRANSPORT vehicles.

On the third day

Load the cargo to the direct Madrid or Netherlands hub as arranged by the airline.