Cross-border cloud warehouse warehousing Russia special line

The emergence of TakeSendShip has greatly improved the weakness of cross-border e-commerce sellers in warehouse management and storage of goods. Cloud warehouse is an efficient warehouse storage type that integrates online and offline operations at the same time. Simply put, cross-border e-commerce sellers no longer have to worry about warehouse management and costs. Sending goods has also become more accurate and efficient.

As a cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse storage service provider, TakeSendShip has always had a good reputation in the industry. Many cross-border e-commerce sellers who have cooperated with each other have given good feedback on TakeSendShip's services. Now TakeSendShip gives strong support to cross-border e-commerce sellers in Zhuhai. Consult TakeSendShip's service now to get 60-day free cloud warehouse storage service during the cooperation period.

In order to solve the problem that the four major express delivery companies for cross-border e-commerce goods in Russia cannot be delivered through customs, Sea Lion and CDEK, the top local delivery company in Russia, have established special lines for Russia and services for large packages in Russia. Relying on the green customs clearance channel of Hulunbuir-Manzhouli, it provides a solution for the customs clearance of Sino-Russian cross-border e-commerce goods. First of all, it solves the customs clearance problem of goods imported into Russia, and at the same time shortens the overall timeliness of Russian goods delivery. Since the launch of the service It has been affirmed by the majority of Russian e-commerce sellers.

At the same time, it can meet the logistics and transportation needs of individual users, Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Ali International Station and other B2C cross-border e-commerce sellers, self-built stations, independent station sellers and foreign trade merchants. The price always maintains the market advantage, and the cost-effective Russian special line channel.

The Russian special line can issue general goods, built-in, supporting batteries, cosmetics, imitation brands, etc. and other sensitive goods.

low tariff

The 300g cargo is 12% lower than China Post E-Postal. The heavier the weight of the cargo, the more affordable it will be, and if there is an oversized cargo, you can enjoy a free volume charge within 10 kg if you go to the Russian large package line.

full information

A tracking number will be generated immediately after the shipment has been successfully dispatched. With this tracking number, you can check the tracking information on 17track, and track the proper delivery information throughout the process.

fast delivery

After the goods enter Russia from China, they are all handed over to the local CDE for local delivery in Russia, and support for local delivery in Russia has no dead ends.

have insurance

Sea-Lion Container Lines has launched an insurance service. Special insurance services can be selected according to the items to be sent. The scope of insurance claims includes three major sections: loss compensation, cargo damage compensation and delivery delay compensation.

Strong customs

clearance Relying on the strong customs clearance capability of CDEK, the first-known local delivery company in Russia, Sea Lion can clear customs without the need for customs clearance by the recipient. Greatly improve the efficiency and convenience of customs clearance.

Fast aging

Due to the vast territory of Russia, the comprehensive delivery time can reach 13-25 days.