What are the services of cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse storage?

For cross-border e-commerce sellers or companies, the cloud warehouse storage dedicated to cross-border e-commerce services is a familiar hot spot in the industry. But for friends who have never used cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse storage, what is its magic and what services can it provide to make many e-commerce sellers flock to it?

TakeSendShip success in modern one-stop cloud warehouse storage management can not be separated from the advanced information fine management and electronic full automatic sorting equipment. Among them, the powerful WMS storage management system can directly connect with the background of the mainstream e-commerce platforms (ebay aliexpress, etc.), and can also perfectly connect with the mainstream third-party ERP e-commerce sales management systems on the market. At present, it supports Mabang ERP,  Mangoerp, LittleBoss, Shopee, TongTool, ECPP, Dianxiaomi, Sumao, SZJSON,  WXW ERP, Irobot Box ERP,  ALLROOT ERP, etc.

Meanwhile, TakeSendShip provides each customer with 1V1 professional response customer service, which fundamentally solves the relevant operational related problems that may be encountered, fully realizing the cloud control of all operation links of the the cloud warehouse. The whole process from the order generation to the delivery of the goods is completed within the scope of video surveillance, which greatly ensures the standardization and security of the goods operation, and can be monitored and updated in real time from the cloud system. In the true sense of it, cloud warehouse, cloud view, and cloud operation are achieved.

Cross-border one-stop cloud warehouse storage management greatly facilitates the storage management of cross-border e-commerce sellers and companies. For the majority of cooperative cross-border sellers, it has brought a warehouse management quality leap.

TakeSendShip can provide professional services as follows:

Simple detection of products on the shelves.

E-commerce enterprises and sellers can transport the purchased products directly to the cooperative cloud warehouse without their own processing. After receiving the goods in the cooperative cloud warehouse, the staff will conduct a simple inspection of the goods in the warehouse according to the requirements of the e-commerce companies and sellers, register and verify the category and quantity of the goods, and mark them, and import the information into the WMS system. For the e-commerce companies and sellers in need, TakeSendShip will also post the corresponding SKU barcode for the goods, and list the goods according to the category.

Order sorting after orders are generated.

When e-commerce enterprises and sellers need to send goods after orders are generated, they can manage order instructions through wms system freely.

After receiving the instructions, it will sort and pack the products in the warehouse according to the instructions, and check the quantity of the goods after the sorting, and post the address labels.

According to the logistics standards of e-commerce enterprises and sellers, cloud warehouse enterprises transfer goods safely and timely with logistics channels.

TakeSendShip cloud warehouse enterprises will send orders for the products put on the warehouse every day. Therefore, the efficient storage management optimization is the daily routine of every cloud warehouse enterprise. An increasingly perfect and reasonable planning will greatly improve the work efficiency of the cloud warehouse.

Warehouse daily maintenance, a certain fire and moisture-proof prevention work and maintenance, will minimize the loss of goods to a certain extent will reduce unnecessary losses for e-commerce enterprises and sellers.

Regular inventory is the focus of cloud warehouse management as well as timely inventory.

Detailed management of warehousing.

Reviewing the number of goods allows e-commerce enterprises and sellers to more timely understand the status of their cloud warehouse goods.

Value-added and after-sales service.

In addition to providing the above services, TakeSendShip will also provide additional value-added services according to the needs of e-commerce enterprises and sellers, such as: customization of product packaging, printing and posting of product SKU labels, detailed product quality inspection and logo design, etc.