TakeSendShip storage advantage Brazil special line

TakeSendShip, founded in 2009, is headquartered in Longhua, Shenzhen, radiating across the China. Mainly engaged in international express, international package, international EMS, international cross-border transportation business, it gives priority to air transport, including shipping, train, land, and others, providing overseas Chinese students with export customs declaration and inspection, destination country imports, goods tracking, logistics insurance, overseas return, goods assembled, warehousing, international logistics consulting and personalized international logistics solutions-station international cross-border transportation services.

The success of TakeSendShip modern one-stop cloud warehouse storage management cannot be separated from advanced information fine management and electronic fully automated sorting equipment. The powerful WMS storage management system can directly connect with the background of mainstream e-commerce platforms (ebay, aliexpress, AMAZON, wish, shopee, crowdfunding group buying, Lazada, etc.), and can also perfectly connect with the mainstream third-party ERP e-commerce sales management systems on the market. At present, it supports: Mabang ERP, Mangoerp, Little Boss, Express, Sumy, Tongtol, ECPP, Dianxiaomi, Sumao, SZJSON, WXWerp, Irobot Box ERP, Allroot ERP, etc.

In order to meet the needs of the general cross-border mass transport users to ship to Brazil, TakeSendShip solemnly launches the Brazil special line:

For the Brazil postal line, TakeSendShip integrates high quality air transport resources and postal air transport line developed by Brazil postal line based on postal background. The head flight is from Hong Kong to Europe, and then from Europe to Brazil, with the end delivered by Brazil Post. Relying on the postal background of green customs clearance, and with strong customs clearance ability, it can complete the customs clearance in only one day at the fastest, which solves the problem of customs clearance for cross-border e-commerce sellers in Brazil. It allows the general goods and internal electricity products.

Brazilian special line has the following advantages:

High effectiveness

From the date of delivery, the comprehensive average receipt time limit is 10-25 days. Generally due to the timeliness of similar products in the cross-border transportation industry.

Complete information

Provide end-to-end full tracking query service. You can check in 17TRACK and TakeSendShip website.

High safety

General goods and internal electricity products enjoy high-level Brazil postal service with the proper delivery rate of more than 90%. Brazil Post green clearance enables to complete clearance within 1 day at the fastest.

TakeSendShip currently provides international line like: Sino-American special line, American special line, Canadian special line, European special line, British special line, German special line, line, Polish special line, Spanish special line, Italian special line, Brazilian small packages special line, Australian special line, Japanese special line, Japanese SAGAWA small package line, Japanese SAGAWA special line, Russian special line and other international aviation logistics lines. It fully meets the free choice range of individual cross-border mass transport users.