Cloud warehouse delivery to Italy, recommend the use of the Italian special line

TakeSendShip, as a professional cross-border cloud warehouse warehousing delivery provider, in more than a decade of international logistics industry working, has accumulated enough valuable experience, and known that the international logistics is the key to global supply chain stability. Facing the transportation pressure of epidemic prevention and control, TakeSendShip actively develops various channels to meet the cooperation of cross-border e-commerce sellers or companies’ logistics demand.

TakeSendShip provides a full range of multi-channel international logistics and transportation channels, with a total number of hundreds of channels. International logistics channels will be recommended according to the needs of different sellers.

For the Italian special line, TakeSendShip integrates high quality air transport resources, customs clearance company and Italian head express company. After business customs clearance, the end is completed by Italian post or DPD express delivery of high quality international logistics double clearance special line. The package customs clearance is conducted in the Netherlands or direct flight to Italy. The customs clearance is fast, and one order is followed to the end. It can delier general goods, built-in, supporting batteries, cosmetics, kitchen knives and other goods.

The TakeSendShip Italian Dedicated Line has the following advantages:

High effectiveness

After delivery from the TakeSendShip warehouse, a tracking number is randomly generated, and the same day is forecast on the Internet. According to the TakeSendShip big data analysis, the comprehensive time limit can be properly handled in 8-12 days.

Complete information

Face sheet information is followed to the end, and there is no need to post and replace the face sheet. The single tracking number can query the tracking information, and support 17track fuzzy query identification, with high recognition.

Security and stability

TakeSendShip comprehensive data show that the successful delivery rate is as high as 99%, and the Italian dedicated line is stable for a long time. Internal establishment of X-ray machine inspection of goods link, more safe.

Few limits

TakeSendShip Italy special line can undertake general goods, personal goods, clothes, shoes, and matching battery electronics, cosmetics, kitchen knives and other goods.

Strong customs clearance

In cooperation with the local customs clearance company and the Italian head express company, the high-quality international logistics double clearance special line delivered by the Italian Post or DPD express delivery ends after the commercial customs clearance.

Delivery operation process of the Italian special line

The first day: complete the sorting, packaging, packing reinforcement, post the sheet, and send the goods.

The second day: deliver the goods to the Sino-Hong Kong transportation vehicles to transfer to Hong Kong Airport, and transfer them to the Hong Kong Airlines Department to arrange flights for cross-border cargo transport.

The third day: direct flight from Hong Kong Airport to Italy, without intermediate link. Affected by the reduction of flights due to the epidemic, some of the goods may be in transit from the Netherlands.

Fourth-seventh days: after the goods arrive in Italy, first pass through the customs inspection, and then there will be a customs clearance process. After completing the customs clearance, the goods will be delivered to Italy Post or DPD for the final route.